miércoles, 13 de julio de 2011

Hell beneath your feet

Going down, step by step, looking to the empty hallway at the end of the basement.  A path to nowhere, a road to nothing, Hell Street, the dying angels lay down on the way.  There's no stars brighting, there's no life breathing, there's no watch "ticking", there's no lips kissing, there are no arms to hug you.  Loneliness is a happy corner, a big empty spot where you can sit down looking at the black sky.  Night is smiley sadness, is the light from your eyes, the killer on your soul, the suicide brain looking for a clear shot to the heart, the animal that eat your blues and spit your voice.  Silences is the music of your shy mouth, distances is your way of talking, cold is your feeling that embrace me and froze me to death.

My body is still, like a stone, but I can see in my mind my head going forward and backward with every punch from the destiny.  A double rainbow can make someone laugh and cry, can get a lot of bunch of idiots sharing stupid discovering, another's peoples shares of life.  A sunny day can make you cry, just by reminding that you are still alive.  The darkest moment can make you happy, giving you the chance to know that sadness is just one of the steps to take.  Knowledge can make you an asshole; ignorance can make you a sensitive prick.  Hungry for feeling, awake forever, death for life, screaming in noisy silence in your brain, mental institution on your heart, neuron fighting reality, on war for peace, contradictions of the human behavior.  Break your chains, kill your flesh, assassinate your thoughts, get ready to fly, get ready to be free at last.

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